Fire Health and Safety

Fires can destroy your lifetime's work, both in a home or a business. Other than material damages, fires can also hurt family, pets, employees, and even claim lives. This is why investing in prevention is important, and performing regular fire alarm system maintenance is even more important. 

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As time goes by, it is easy to forget about your smoke detector system. This is why fire departments always insist on checking their batteries at least once a year. 

If your alarm isn't battery-operated, then you should verify your electrical system. This is the only way you can make sure your fire alarm will alert you in case of an emergency. 

Fire repair technicians will also check your fire alarm. They do this by isolating wiring areas of your system and making sure the alarm sounds the way it should. Smoke alarms are also calibrated to detect smoke before it is too late. Heat detectors are also an option, especially if someone in your family smokes indoors.

A well maintained alarm system can save your family's lives, as well as your property. Sometimes people think fire alarms are only installed in offices, businesses, and corporate buildings. This is an outdated notion. People also think these systems are expensive, which is another wrong idea.

Technology advances have allowed cheaper and more effective systems to come to the market. Some domestic fire alarm systems have control panels that will even notify the authorities automatically. That reduces the response time, which decreases the likelihood of devastating home accidents.

As for protecting your business, there are other systems that can be installed as well. The control panel might have a sprinkler system, and activate it in a certain sector. Using water is the most cost-effective solution.

If your business deals with hazardous chemicals - a distributor or a manufacturing plant - it might be interesting to consider the use chemical products to suffocate or smother the fire.

Bigger office buildings with too many electronics in the workplace, such as a data centre, require a different approach. There are also systems that will remove the oxygen in a room, which saves electronic equipment and leaves the data intact. These systems usually require a warning system for employees, who might need time to leave the area before the system starts working.

Larger businesses require more complex planning. The control panel usually deals with different sectors in a different way. This reduces damages to fixings, furniture, and equipment. Such planning can be conducted by a good specialist in fire prevention.