5 Tips From Real Moms To Ditch The Baby Weight

Congratulations, you had a baby! Now, get back in shape! That's the message that many new moms feel after giving birth, and there can be some big pressure to get back to your post-pregnancy size.

So, how do you know what to do? What are the best ways to lose post pregnancy weight? Here are the top five tips from that you need to know for getting your hot body back.

Tip #1: Get Up And Move!

For most women, being able to get out and about after a pregnancy is a welcome change, especially if the pregnancy was a rough one, or if the mom was on bed rest. Just getting out of the house and pushing a stroller or carrying your baby in a sling a few days a week will usually be enough to get your metabolism moving in the right direction.

So, get up, get out, and enjoy the fresh air[...]

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Mom Fired Over Pregnancy

Getting fired for getting pregnant. It doesn't seem like something that would happen in this day and age, does it? Sounds like a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen, don't you think?

Well, according to, for one Ireland mommy, that is exactly what is happening. Jacqueline Gannon, a former secretary with MD Property Management, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming that she was dismissed from her job after becoming pregnant, and that she was discriminated against. So, what exactly happened?

Read on to find out more about this very interesting case.

Stressful Pregnancy

Jacqueline told the Circuit Civil Court that she was fired from her job less than 18 months after she was hired, the exact day that she came back from her[...]

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